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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Review

Overview: Quality is something that can be compromised by a number of us. But we don’t usually set at par with the beauty. And this is what Alfa Romeo has also followed. The car we are going to discuss today is a clear example of it and it seems like you will

2017 BMW M2 Review

Overview: If a list of sexiest cars alive is to be created, then the BMW M2 owns a position in there. This handsomely crafted diva was debuted in 2016 in North American International Auto Show for the model year 2017. However, in Europe, this car went on sale in 2016.   At

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review

Overview: How would the world look like if there are no fumes exhausted by the cars? Won’t it be lovely to have a cleaner atmosphere with fresh air around? Definitely, it would be something like heaven, a true green earth. This is what the Electric Vehicles (EV) can do.   Almost every

2017 Dodge Challenger Review

Overview: The holy rites and the political sterns aren’t unusual. But a 70’s shaped 2017 muscle could be unusual. Vodos and the Sabres have ruled the streets for long. Dating back to the 50’s, the Sabres were the drift machines and the Vodos laid out some dance for them. But it wasn’t

2017 Fiat 500 Review

Overview: Economical cars are the choice for almost every one of us. Low price, less maintenance, and light on the wallet is the choice of almost every person. And indeed, if it could run faster, that would be a favorable advantage. Certainly, these are called the city riders.   In 1957 Fiat

2017 Fiat 500X Review

Overview: SUVs are in a tough competition nowadays. Every other company is producing SUVs today. Whether it’s a European, Japanese or American automobile manufacturer, they will have SUVs on their account. But it’s quite seldom we come across Mini Crossover SUVs.   In 2014, Fiat introduced a Mini Crossover SUV called 500X for

2017 Honda Pilot Review

Overview: The 90’s economic crisis of Japan made the Japanese automobile makers produce only the basic vehicles. There weren’t any performance or upscale cars produced by Japan. But a few of them did build the power machine but just for the international market.   Till the beginning of the new millennium, Honda

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

Overview: Adventure rides have always been an attraction for the world. The previous eras of automobile production restricted the off-road vehicles to military and countryside driving. But today the picture is totally different. These off-road monster have become our everyday need.   In 1974, Jeep introduced the Cherokee, as a replacement for

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review

Overview: The performance edition of the Volkswagen Golf is the Golf GTI. This family hatch is already popular on the basis of its performance and stability. But the Golf GTI adds more fuel to the handling and thrust.   With the introduction of the other models of the Golf franchise, Volkswagen launched

2017 BMW i8 Review

Overview: There may come a time when fossil fuel engines would be deemed as carnage machines. None of us will have any enthusiasm for the muscular and tempting rides. As the genre would flow the beats of electric vehicles.   BMW i8, a machine from the future is here to introduce the