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2017 Honda Odyssey Review

Overview: Japanese automobile companies are versatile in producing family cars. Whatever the company you pick, you’ll find amazing small and mid – size cars from it. In the column of the family cars, there is a segment called Minivans. That’s yet another useful vehicle for families.   The Odyssey is a minivan

2017 Cadillac CTS-V Review

Overview: Cadillac CTS-V is a mid-size lush and best version of the Cadillac CTS franchise. The letter ‘V’ represents high power Engine with characteristics of Pushrod OHV V-8 and a sport-tuned suspension mechanism in it. Cadillac “Catera Touring Sedan” CTS comes with standard 4-cylinder engine and optional V6 engine. But CTS-V has a V8 engine, it means

2017 Kia Cadenza Review

Overview: The year 2017 has been a Launchpad for a number of automobile manufacturers. A range of successful cars has been relaunched in this year.   The Kia Cadenza has also entered into its second generation. The first generation of the car was introduced in 2010. The car was introduced as a

2017 Jaguar XF Review

Overview: Jaguar has gone through a lot of improvement after the Tata Motors took over the charge. Jaguar F-Type (SVR) is a proof of their improvement. Today we are going to discuss the Jaguar XF, for the model year 2017.   XF has replaced the long living Jaguar S – Type. The car

2017 BMW i3 Review

Overview: BMW or Bavarian Motor Works introduces the BMW i3. In the manufacturing of BMW i3, the German played a vital role when they launch a new mega city electrical vehicle. It is the product of several years of research, development, and innovation. In the field of electrical automobile and the new

2017 Jaguar XF Review

Overview: Since Jaguar has been taken over by the Tata Motors, a lot of improvement has been witnessed. Jaguar F-Type (SVR) is a proof of their improvement. Today we are going to discuss the Jaguar XF, for the model year 2017.   XF replaced the long living Jaguar S – Type. The

Isuzu Logo, History timeline and Latest Models

Isuzu is named among the top selling heavy duty vehicles. Well, Isuzu is the name of a river in Japan. The river begins and ends up in a single city, called Ise in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The river is famous because it passes through a famous shrine called Ise Grand Shrine. This

2017 Infiniti Q60 Review

Overview: Infiniti is particularly meant to produce the luxurious cars. This branch of Nissan has been notable among the North American drivers. There are a number of cars that has been created by Infiniti which earned a good market reception.   In the preset days, Infiniti has revised one of its cars.

2017 Honda HR-V Review

Overview: If it’s a car that looks good in your garage, then it is relatively a good car. It’s the Honda’s Subcompact SUV HR-V that we have tested now. HR-V is pretty much similar to the Honda Vezel which is available in the Japanese market.   Honda launched this model for the first

2017 Audi A7 Review

Overview: Audi has a renowned track of delivering luxury and performance together. Germans are the masters of the streets. Whether it’s the handling, steering, acceleration, speeding or costume of the car, it is given a smooth blend by Germans.   Among the comfortable and luxurious rides for the present year, we meet