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2018 Kia Venga Review

Overview: Inki mini monkey, I say a monkey! But that was just a monkey, not a gorilla. Well, we did not see a monkey roaming the streets. Instead, we saw a tiny, gentle and soft hatchback type MPV rolling with five girls stuffed in it. Though we already knew that car. But

2018 Honda Brio Review

Overview: The Honda has worked a lot on the small urban cars. Since the introduction of the Kei car, this company has been bringing in variants that define the economic and social cars. Well, in the present age, we meet numerous small and fuel-saving cars from Honda. Like you cannot forget the

2018 Genesis G90 Review

Overview: We all know that the Hyundai followed the Japanese automakers and came up with the Genesis. Well, that is a brilliant idea to sell the luxury cars with a different brand name. As the people already recognize you as the urban car maker. Hats-off to Hyundai! In a lot of Genesis,

2018 Ferrari Portofino Review

Overview: This face or the other face, they both are same in the Ferrari Portofino. The legendary Ferrari discontinued the California T in the favor of the Portofino. But after looking at the spec sheet we looked at each other and thought that what is the difference? While after riding her we

2018 Daihatsu Move Review

Overview: Long back when the Japanese planned to switch to the economic cars, the Kei cars came into existence. Well, we never knew such machines. As they were pretty short and small for the road. You can almost put 2 – 3 Kei cars in a single lane. Well, the Japanese were

2018 Chevrolet Montana Review

Overview: How would a car like SUV seem like? First, you would accept that the owner has got a sedan cut out and fixed it with a chassis. And then you would feel that, no it was not a sedan, it was actually a hatchback with a trailer. Well, this commonly happens

2018 Audi A4 Allroad Review

Overview: We hear that the Quattro are the all-wheel-drive vehicles from Audi. And all we knew was that the Quattro is the SUVs or the sports cars. But Audi has another segment that fits along the Quattro. Well, Audi calls it the Allroad. The Allroad is the multipurpose wagons that are designed

2018 Bentley Continental GT3-R Review

Overview: The super choice is at times set limited to a set number. You cannot go above that, and that is the final break for that super choice. And these choices are mostly found on the profound entities. Well, if you think about the Bentleys becoming unleashed, would certainly put them in

2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo Review

Overview: Sometimes the thunderstorm grows stronger and becomes more terrifying. On the other hand, when a Bella is dressed in the charm she looks the most adorable. Well, what if the Ferrari FXX-K gains more power? Certainly, it becomes the Ferrari FXX-K Evo. The FXX-K Evo was basically introduced to commemorate the