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2018 Renault Fluence Review

Overview: The Renault’s rebadged editions are marketed throughout the world. They produce everything, the city cars, sports cars, and commercial vehicles. And all of it is renowned under different names. Well, their influence has been magnificent overall. And their every little or big thing gets a fame. Well, this is called the

2018 Porsche 911 Review

Overview: While in a history class, you will study about the victors who changed the path of history. The Ganges, Napoleon and the Theodore who wrote the fate of the nations into success or disarray. The same way you study the history of the cars that wrote the path of victory. One

2018 Opel Ampera-E Review

Overview: There are a lot of Opels that inspire the General Motors. And they bring it to the American soil. But there are a few cases where the American cars, the ones from Chevrolet, Dodge or Cadillac, inspire Opel and they take it to Europe. Well, the same case happens during the

2018 Mercedes-AMG C-43 Review

Overview: The Mercedes is a car with the passion. Speedy performance or massive acceleration is not what bothers Mercedes. Instead, the quite extravagant class of luxury, comfort and the royal inspiration is the soul of Mercedes. It is one hell of Car! Well, not to forget, the Mercedes cabs are common in

2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review

Overview: The Jaguar is crafting some fine sports sedans and coupes. Along with that, it is evenly stepping into the market of SUVs. Though the Land Rover is playing an important role in crafting SUVs. But the Jaguar took the section of small SUVs, based on its sedans and coupes. Well, after

2018 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid Review

Overview: Luxury is not comparable. You can trade off the general stuff to accommodate the luxury. But you can sit on a factor that if luxury does not have much comfort, it would still do. Luxury is only the finest one. Well, the North American market is experiencing new stuff every day.

2018 Ford EcoSport Review

Overview: There are very few incidents that a car built for the US gets space in this market. It is not about the imports. Instead, it is about those cars that already served the other market and later entered into the North American space. Well, Ford tried this trick. In 2003, the

2018 Toyota Avensis Review

Overview: The Toyota cars speak almost every language in the world. They speak English, they are native Japanese speakers, they know Dutch and they are even familiar with the South Asian languages. In every corner of the world, you would encounter a Toyota. Well, every other day Toyota is introducing a new

2018 BMW Alpina B3 S Biturbo Review

Overview: Agility always stays uncompromised. Especially when it is about the luxury cars, you would not sit back for a horse without a cushioned saddle. Instead, you would love to have all the amenities loaded on it. The same you would expect from an overdone BMW. Way back in late 80’s, the

2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

Overview: A powerful expedition needs a powerful vehicle. In the past, we had monstrous SUVs for the off-road expedition. While with time those monsters shrink down to the handsomely crafted everyday SUVs. Well, the Land Rover has presented some plausible structure for the modern day SUVs. Even they are among those who